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      Leaders of Science and Technology Bureau in Yixing visit and research to YIXING HOKKAI HEAD PLATE CO.,LTD.

      On April 9th, deputy director of Yixing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, accompanied by deputy party secretary Peng Xiaojian and the science and technology office director Zhou Aiqin visiting Yixing Beihai Head Company.

      Director Liao, accompanied by Secretary of the director Peng Liao make a special trip visit for Yixing Beihai head limited company, chairman and general manager Lin Junfu, deputy general manager Yang Jianqiang have a warm reception to them. At the beginning of forum, Director Liao firstly make detailed introduction about preferential policies of enterprise science and technology activities in Yixing. Then, President Lin reports on the company's operating status and development plan to Director Liao , and make thanks for visiting and detailed introduction of technology policy. Finally, President Lin said: Yixing Beihai will introduce advanced equipment as always, so that make company’s head manufacturing technology has maintained a leading position in the industry all the time.

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