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      YHC firstly wins PED certificate of head manufacturing

      Under the joint efforts of all YHC colleagues for four months, recently our company finally has obtained the license of manufacturing European Pressure Vessel Components - head. To obtain this certificate, it not only creates a precedent for pressure vessel components - head of professional manufacture, to fill the domestic blank manufacturing export head, but also find a key to go out of the country and to the world, and making our corporation to truly become the largest Chinese, world-class goal has taken a strong step.

      This obtained certificate, not only makes the YHC become the domestic head industry benchmark, chasing the object, but also opens up foreign markets in the consolidation of the domestic professional manufacturing field, playing an indispensable role. It can also become weight of competition with domestic counterparts, and ace of negotiating with foreign customers. At the same time, it makes our real brand "Yixing Beihai" towards the world.

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