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        Yixing Beihai head Limited was founded in 1994, is the world's largest head manufacturing enterprises - Japan iron works in Beihai, where China's construction of owned enterprises, a total investment of 26300000 dollars; the use of Beihai iron works owned by the world's leading head production technology and equipment and the accumulation of more than 40 years of production and management experience in production and sales of the secret, to meet customer the demand for high-quality head to China industry development is best. Yixing Beihai mainly adopts the iron works in Beihai, where the cold stamping process the world's first invention, the beneficial to ensure high quality products at the same time, also can save China's precious energy and is beneficial to the improvement of the environment of earth. Assisted by hot spinning and hot stamping, and have cold forming split processing method etc.


        Business Policy
        Always stand in the position of the customer
        Accurately grasp the customer demand
        Quickly to provide quality services
        In order to obtain the highest customer satisfaction
        Beihai head of the work
        Must be better than peers Industry of other manufacturers
        Service Points


        Adress:  Wanshi Industrial Park Yixing,Jiangsu

        Tel:  (0510)87841662 (0510)87842937
        Fax:  (0510)87842655
        Website:  http://www.52ust.com
        E-mail:  wuningfei@hokkai.com.cn
        ?YI XING HOKKAI HEAD PLATE CO All Rights Reserved. Address: Xiang Yang Road, Stone Town Industrial Zone,YiXing City技术支持:实创科技